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Why Every Woman In Her 20s Needs To Take A NUDE!

We are talking, FEMALE EMPOWERMENT, beautiful bodies, creating artwork, normalizing every single body type is beautiful and just learning to love ourselves. One business, ONE artist, ONE team around her creating and changing the game, changing women’s opinions of self-love all around the globe. We took to SOPHIE TEA (@SOPHIETEAART) private viewing of her newest “send nudes” collection. Her collection of paintings of real women, real bodies, real nudes taken by real women were showcased in her brand-new art gallery on Carnaby Street!

If you don’t know the story of how I developed Sepsis and almost died, then a couple of weeks after my recovery I took part in one thing that changed my life forever, I was one of Sophie Teas first ever nudies, that’s right I alongside 16 other incredibly powerful, beautiful, inspiring, empowering women who bared all, went from strangers to best friends, we got naked, we got painted and we celebrated our individual beauty, our bodies, the stories of our lives, they build and create human beings and they let us live our bloody best lives.

Sophie decided to start painting nudes back in October 2019 on Instagram she said “breathe in breathe out, trust the process, trust me, change is good. Paying tribute to how amazing our bodies are has come at a good time. Mine has been telling me for a while its not been treated well.” Even Soph has struggled with loving her body, we love an honest artist, someone we can relate too. That is why Sophie Tea and HER team are taking over the world, changing the game and changing the end goal too!

Now lets rewind to the 10th of December 2019, wed never met but 16 strangers became best friends, we bared all and got painted we laughed, we cried, we inspired one another, we empowered each other, but most importantly we all began to fall in love, love ourselves even more than we already did. We felt empowered, we chanted “send nudes”, we laughed even more, we got merry, we drank wine and that’s it we walked two shows, one in front of influencers and press and the other in front of over 1000 members of the public!! Yes you heard that right over 1000 members of the public but since that day Sophies Nude studies journey has gone from strength to bloody strength and she receives nudes daily, this inspires her, encourages her to keep doing what she’s doing, because she’s seeing the impact she’s having on real women who support her and who had followed her journey, are new to her journey or are only just starting to find out about her and the nudes journey every single day!

She wants to take your ART VIRGINITY, SHE WANTS YOU TO SEND A NUDE, TAKE A NUDE and remember your fuckin’ worth because every single body no matter its lump, bump, stretch mark or scar is bloody beautiful. Soph has taught me that getting naked, being nude, loving yourself should never come at a cost, loving yourself should be your number 1 priority and well starting of by taking a nude can show how beautiful your body truly is, it could be sent to your partner or kept in your “my eyes only” on snapchat, it could be sent to soph or set as your own lock screen. It does not matter what you do with your nude but as long as you remember your journey, your story, the reason you are who you are is because of everything you have faced and that is what makes it so perfect, so beautiful and so empowering.

To every 20 year old around the globe, him, her, she, they, female, male, whoever you are, whatever you identify as, I support you, I love you, I want you to know taking nudes isn’t ever a dirty, disgraceful, bad thing to do, take a nude, own it, own your fucking body, its yours and no one else’s, no one has the right to tell you how you should dress, how you should look, what you should wear, how you love yourself, no one has the right to tell you how to be your bloody self. Taking nudes are incredible, it is the most empowering thing you will ever do, learning to love yourself is the most independent, bad ass thing you will ever do. Hold your head high, love every inch of yourself be it, lumps, bumps, curves, stretch marks, scars, acne, stomas, blood sugar monitor whatever flaws you may think you have is what someone else dreams of having.

Soph is changing the game, she is building an empire of empowered women empowering other women, telling our own individual stories, inspiring ourselves and others.

Please remember social media is not always reality, we want to show what we want others to see, we want to create the perfect lives and build this unrealistic image of the lives we live.

However, body confidence, body positive lovers, those who have built an empire around loving themselves, creating a place where it is safe to feels those negative thoughts of “not being good enough, pretty enough, slim enough” but they turn those thoughts into “I am enough, I am beautiful, my body is a temple and its perfect the way it is I had the most incredible time at Sophs event and I even found myself in the same room as Em Clarkson, this girl inspires me and makes me love every inch of me, whenever I’m having a bad day she always has the ability to make me laugh, make me remember who the f**k I am and live my best bloody life!!

Its your life, choose what makes you feel happy, what feels right, what inspires you, encourages you, what empowers you but most of all what makes you feel the best you could ever be. Life is too short for you to spend everyday hating yourself darling, in years to come you will look back and regret all the time you spent picking apart your appearance or your body, eat that slice of cake, drink that cocktail and live your absolute best life because two near death experiences and getting naked all in the name of art and loving myself really changed the game for me. Honestly, life is too short and its so f*****g worth it, I PROMISE!!!

Love you xxxxxx

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