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Trust Your Impulse...

Last night I was so incredibly lucky to be able to attend the Impulse limited edition collection of fragrances, I actually entered a competition on Tallia Storms Instagram (She is so lovely) and I won, I never win anything, but I went up to London with my plus one Tiff, we spent the day exploring London and just chilling because I’m still recovering from my surgery and I’m surprised I managed to be honest but I didn’t want to turn down the opportunity to go to such an incredible event!

When we arrived we started talking to a gorgeous lady called Emily from @gottshot on Instagram who is so incredibly kind and stunning and she really made my evening, we chatted and she helped me build the courage to take lots of pictures and chat to everyone around us too!

When we arrived we were welcomed with drinks and some of the new fragrances on the first floor, this floor had a gorgeous flower wall and a bar, sort of the first room everyone gathered in! We got talking to Emily (gottshot) who instantly I adored her, her outfit was insane and she looked to die for, we spent the whole evening together getting those pictures and just having a ball really! The first room had some of their original fragrances plus some new ones that they were launching! It was fitted with flowers, trees, flamingos and a Chaise longue which was a deep purple and looked absolutely gorgeous!

We then moved on to floor number 2 where both Emily and I were in absolute glitter heaven, this floor was specifically for the impulse x go get glitter fragrance, it was fitted with a doughnut wall both pink and blue doughnuts which looked incredible, the way to my heart is through a good hearty pick n’ mix and well guess who was in heaven…me! I didn’t save my pick n’ mix sadly, I ate it on the train home as I was starved! This floor was filled with glitter heaven, glitter party! Go get glitter kindly painted our faces with glitter, Tiff went red and gold glitter, I went pink and gold glitter and Emily went gold and honestly I think we were living our best lives! The unicorn was covered in glitter and flowers ad well the pictures look incredible! My favourite floor!!

The third and finally floor was gorgeous, fitted with a real life mermaid ffor @sophiehannah and electric guitars, palm trees and hair chalk very festival vibes for @helenanderson and both of their fragrances are incredible I love them both so much! They both looked totally stunning as always too!

After seeing all three floors we found our favourite floor, whilst we were there we had the privilege to meet some gorgeous girls who have inspired me in many different ways, I never really *meet anyone* like I did when I met DANI DYER, LAURA ANDERSON, SAMIRA MIGHTY AND TALLIA STORM, I sort of died inside, they were all so genuine and kind, we chatted about how excited I was for Dani’s In The Style collection and how she inspired me to be kind (not that I’m not already ) but to use your hear for good and to be the bigger person always. I met Laura who is honesty EVEN MORE BLOODY GORGEOUS in real life, we chatted about how stunning she looked and how she handled herself with elegance and class and how she inspired me to handle myself with dignity and to remember that every cloud has a silver lining. Samira is honestly so bubbly and she has such a contagious personality, her dress sense is to DIE FOR… she has rocked every outfit she has ever worn but she just inspires me to be myself and not worry wat others think about my fashion sense or the decisions I make. Tallia, ohh she’s so gorgeous, she handles herself with class, she is so down to earth, we chatted about the competition o Instagram and how I fell in love with her personality on celebs go dating! She sort of gave me that chat about how if you want something you’ve got to work for it and how you are beautiful no matter what and we should stop thinking about what others think because the only opinion that matters is our own!

The new impulse fragrances are already in your local boots and Superdrug’s, you can also find them online too! I defiantly recommend getting them! The girls are honestly the nicest people you will meet, they have fantastic sense of humour and are even more stunning in real life!

I had a total blast last night, I made some incredible friends and met some incredible people! I want to say a massive thankyou to impulse for having me and giving me an incredible evening!

You should definitely trust your impulse and try out these products!

Verity xxx

PS there is more photos to come so maybe ill have a part 2!

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