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Travelling fills the wonders of the soul...

They always say about travelling and how it teaches the lessons of a lifetime, how it teaches you the wonders of the world and shapes you as a person, well travelling is a huge part of my life!

It’s incredible the lives you see and the people you meet! Life is truly incredible and once you get the idea of travelling you can’t get enough, you can’t shake that feeling, the feeling you get when you board a plane for the first time, when you walk through passport control knowing that when you board that plane you will be in another life, you will meet people who will change your life, make your life and teach you about the life you want to live.

I have been so incredibly lucky to travel around the world, some of the [places I have visited and the people I have met have taught me about myself, the life I live, what I am thankful for and how decisions really do effect the lifestyle we go on to live.

The “wonders of the world” is something so incredible, seeing how everyone else lives in places we accept as beauty, we also accept those people who live there as beauty too, it’s their country and they welcome us with open arms, they are warming, kind and welcoming they want you to love the place they live like they do, when I visited Antigua, I saw they manage on barely anything, they live in shacks and walk for miles for water but that’s their culture, learning about culture and lifestyles fills my soul, fills my heart, gives me a reason to follow through with my dreams and successes.

In Dubai you see a culture where women aren’t recognised how they are in the UK, they aren’t part of the community they are only a part of society but below men, they teach you that hard work means success these women show you that no matter how far they are pushed down in society they will build themselves back up, Dubai also teaches you about religion and how the other half live, they liv in two separate worlds, those who can bathe in gold and those who can’t and its transparent but that’s the way their society works and its incredible.

I’ve been so incredibly lucky to see so many countries and travel the world with my best friend (my mum) we have seen so many wonders of the world but in 2019 I’m taking off on my own: I’m flying off to Kenya for two whole weeks, two whole weeks without my mum! But it’s one country that is going to teach me so much!!

Travelling fills the wonders of the soul: and I live by this slogan I wouldn’t change my life for the world because I have been very fortunate and well I am incredibly lucky that I will continue to be as fortunate as I am now! I want to start writing a “travel diaries” series for whenever I go anywhere different!

Please give me recommendations of countries that fill your soul, I want to be able to travel “143 days, 14 flights and 11 countries!” (Sorry Ellie I stole that from your insta but this lil one wants to do it too!)

Send me all the best locations too!

Love V xx

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