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The Body Confidence Issue.

The Body Confidence issue,

Hello and welcome, welcome to what will hopefully empower you… I won’t say change your life but well fingers crossed it does! I’m Verity and I am a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, however this is all about to change because I want to embrace the idea of being body confident, I don’t want to hate my body for the miracles its done and the challenges its faced because it’s not what society and social media deems acceptable. NO, I’m willing to embrace the good the bad and the ugly with you, whilst we all go on a journey to finding ourselves and well truly loving ourselves.

Ok so all my friends are probably thinking “what the hell Verity proud of her body… really?” well here we are. I want to create something where every single one of us no matter who you are whether you are “WOMAN, MAN, OF DIFFERENT ETHNICITY OR RELIGION, LGBTQ COMMUNITY” I want you ALL to feel proud of the people you are and most importantly love and adore the body you have because your body is incredible.

I’m not going to bore you all with my story on how I grew to love my body because if I am honest it is still a work in progress however I am the happiest and the most confident I have ever been, it’s all thanks to my body, a very inspiring boss women and an incredible bunch of strangers. My body taught me more and more in 2019, it taught me how to cope and how to manage… it also taught me what it really is like to fight for your life, in November 2019 I had developed sepsis shock, this happened because I left a kidney infection go unnoticed because my body has quite a lot wrong with It I didn’t think anything of it and there I was little old Verity, the sickest I’ve ever been and willing to give up, willing to lose my own battle against my own body, however I wasn’t quite ready, I wasn’t quite ready to let go of my friends and family, I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye most importantly I wasn’t ready to DIE… I wasn’t ready to die knowing that I spent all my 19 years on this earth hating everything about my body, hating my boobs and my thunder thighs, hating the fact that I had rolls when I sat down… everyone has rolls when they sit down. I wanted to love myself because in the end I am THE only person who mattered.

So welcome, welcome to the BODY CONFIDENCE ISSUE, I really hope this brings you as much love as it has brought me writing it, blood, sweat, tears, lots of tears and self-doubt has gone into this but it’s going to be big.

We are always on the hunt for stories, your battle with self love, body confidence, those who inspire and empower you, we want you to share your journey with us, this could be anonymous or you can be who you are its up to you! Please please email us over at thebodyconfidenceissue@gmail.com

This is going to be separate to my blog, it's a place where you can create what you want. My youtube channel is now The Body Confidence Issue and we are super excited about the future. Our socials are: Instagram.com/thebodyconfidenceissue and youtube is : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS-CaTMS25gr_CaG3k9_hpg

So come and join us!! We are so excited to share this journey with you.

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