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Tattoo's why? When?

Lets chat about tattoos, why is their so much stigma around them? Why as soon as you turn 18 do you jump on the bandwagon and most importantly why does everyone around us question our decisions? It took me two months to even pluck up the courage and even step foot in to the tattoo shop! I booked an appointment there and then, I was lucky enough to have my appointment on the same day, I knew that I  would have chickened out! Anyway a week today I have my second tattoo booked in! Its something small and dainty but my best friend of 14 years is having exactly the same! We aren't having them in the same place because of my future career I have to have it so it is easily covered!  My first tattoo is of daisies, my aunties favourite flower and her lucky number two, I got two daisies on my left ankle small, dainty and well hidden!

My second one is a matching one! This I have decided to go on my side boob, I think probably on my right side boob is two hands making a pinkie promise, when Heidi and I were younger our promise to each other was that no matter what happened we would be best friends forever! Well many years down the line we still our best friends and have decided that we would get something that was meaningful to both of us! 

The stigma around tattoos is awful because we are young we are going to regret every tattoo we have and so many adults keep telling us that what happens if we fall out, well H and I have been through thick and thin together so for us this is nothing! I want to be able to do what I what with my body at the end of the day if I cant love myself no one will ever love me! 

Tattoos are awesome, if you love them want them... you do you hun and be yourself!

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