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SophieTea Art; Empowering Women All Around The World

WOW what a performance, what a show, SophieTea really knows how to put on a show!! How the hell did I end up WALKING IN A NUDE BLOODY CATWALK with 23 strangers! With all the help and paint from Sophie, we felt empowered, vulnerable, exposed,liberated, free and NAKED... WE WERE NAKED. We walked alongside one another supporting each other through the catwalk, sharing our own stories on to why we decided to help Sophie pull off the show of the decade and well what a way to end 2019 Soph!

I was so so scared, I wanted to bottle it so much however, I am so glad that I didn't because well I feel like a whole new women, I haven't stopped smiling and sharing photos of us all, everywhere. I'd never loved my body or any part of my skin, my favourite part of myself was my nails and well, they are fake too! With the help and support of everyone; sharing each others stories and learning that actually our own bodies are a piece of art we began a whole new journey into finding who we are. The walks were powerful, individual, supportive and overall, overwhelming and emotional, we laughed, we cried and most of all we went from strangers to friends, friends who have shared such a different individual experience with people of all ages and sizes empowering one another to love ourselves!

Preshow, we got painted, into a piece of art! We stood around butt naked drying and preparing for what was to come, the room was filled with nerves but ambition, we made ourselves proud... we did it for our younger selves to say a big F**k you to those who ever called us "fat" or "ugly" we were PROUD to show of our own skin in its natural form!

We walked in two shows, the first in front of the press and bloggers, influencers who shared it with us, second we walked it in front of photographers and videographers and over 1000 people, Sophie helped show us that our own bodies are individually beautiful and NO amount of thanks will ever be enough to repay Sophie for what she has helped us achieve.

After show, god our confident little arses were strolling the show wandering around getting pictures with strangers, they asked us for pictures, Sarah and I spent practically our whole evening at the bar or in the teacup, we did the flash photo booths and bloody hell our confidence grew 1000 times that day... that day will stay with us forever alongside those who took part..."I feel like we have been working on a TV show for years and the finale has arrived, in the space of a few hours strangers became a family"

My boobs are in the bloody paper, action shots and arses what more could the Metro and The Daily Mail ask for... we spoke abut why we did it, so many different stories and so many different bodies all turned in to love, love for ourselves and treating ourselves as a work of art!

I had the most incredible time, I've met so many inspiring people who are so wonderful! We became pieces of art and we proved to so many people that you are beautiful on the outside just as much on the inside! Thankyou so much Sophie and team for pulling of an incredible show! Thankyou to all the girls for being so wonderful supportive and most important LOVING! I love and adore you all so so so much! #SENDNUDES


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