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Beauty: “The inside of a person that grows out from kindness ” we all perceive beauty in different ways, this is the impact of social media I saw a tweet on Instagram on how a Popular 'opinion “I think social media has absolutely destroyed our generations ability to be truly happy… we’re always seeing someone else who we think has it better than us and it causes us to think what we have isn’t good enough” not just what we have isn’t good enough but what we look like how we act and our surroundings we will never truly be happy because of the persona that social media portrays.

Social media in the younger generations feels like a life line to fit in or to be apart of something social media is there whilst its used and shown off as a life line it is in fact one of the biggest causes of suicides, we go from trolling people for their sexuality or their weight, whether they are “naturally beautiful” or whether they have had too many cosmetic procedures, whilst many don’t troll people a lot of others do but suddenly when a celebrity or an influencer dies or takes their own life because they can’t continue to fight the demons inside their minds they cant feel a way out of the darkness and see the light at the end of the tunnel they can’t find another reason to fight or continue because they feel they will never truly be happy again. Once this happens the whole persona around social media changes, it changes from tearing people down to supporting one another saying we must change…we must help those in need because we as the current generation need to help support the generations now and the generations to come in what we portray as “real life” scenarios.

No one wants to see your darkest days, no one wants to feel the sadness in your eyes when your coping with depression, no one feels or wants to feel the aching of your heart every time it beats and no one wants to feel the unbelievable pain when you are so hungry but you cant eat because your mind body and social media allow you to feel “fat” no one wants to see the darkest of days because people feel that in our generation we have no need to be depressed and we live in perfect harmony, no one is in fact living their perfect lives people choose what they want you too see and what they don’t social media isn’t real people don’t want to feel weak by asking for help, because asking for help doesn’t necessarily mean that you are weak it means you are tired tired of trying to fight the battle inside your own head for far too long.

I follow this lady called Alex Light (Alexlight_ldn) on Instagram, she is so real, beautiful and honest, she talks all about body weight, society and the generation we live in, she talks about eating disorders and about mental health, this is what we need, as generations to come are so well known to the likely hood of Love Island and reality TV, also the social media industry really does not give very much in the way of body positivity, we talk about as a society we need to change, build people up instead of knocking them down but we as a generation “fat shame” and “skinny shame” we are fighting a losing battle, where as in reality the average size of a women in the UK is a 16 so why when we try and promote plus size models why do they get “fat shammed”. Alex talks all about the fashion industry and how its needs to change but she also talks about how irrelevant weight is to the whole idea of being strong women… “How much did Florence Nightingale weigh when she founded modern nursing? How much did Rosa Parks weigh when she took a seat on that bus? How much did Malala Yousafzai weigh when she started writing about the lives of girls in Pakistan living under the Taliban rule. You don’t know? That’s the right answer! Because it doesn’t matter.” Strong women share and empower others, they change lives and well those who proved they could did, those who made history and those who changed history… we never did worry about their weight or their looks we never did question them because you couldn’t see their rib cage or their spine, we were empowered by their sheer determination, their ambition to be able to change lives for the generations to come, we were empowered by their decisions to prove they had what it takes to stand out from the crowd…they taught us how to be empowered, they taught us how to help one another most importantly they TAUGHT and EMPOWERED us to be strong, strong minded, free willed, determined but most importantly they taught us to be KIND.

Alex very kindly set up a Facebook group that is spreading body positivity and you encourage and empower everyone, you use kind words and you are both supportive and supported, they help you, they say we will do it together, the girls say we can fight this together by being true to who we are, however many of them have suffered with mental health, Anxiety and Depression over the fact they don’t look like these people from Instagram, some of them talk openly about their disorders and their recovery journeys, they support one another, lift each other up.

Kindness is really beautiful, it doesn’t allow people to judge you on your looks, it allows them to judge you on your personality, your words, your ability to prove that kindness is simply a beautiful thing and kindness really does come from the inside, everyone has rolls, stretch marks, spots, it’s all natural and well we should embrace it, everyone of every background, everyone of all different shapes and sizes, kindness is natural and it really is a beautiful thing, we should embrace and empower everyone of every background or every race or religion, everyone has a story and we should allow them to tell it with every detail and in anyway they want too.

Mental health is real and it’s so important that we show love and kindness to those who we know and those who we don’t because everyone has a story and you will never understand how anyone feels because you will never walk the same story, you will never feel the same feeling, everyone’s emotions and everyone’s feelings are real but they different just like everyone has fingerprints but no two peoples finger prints will never ever be the same, just like stories…we will all walk chapters that we never want to end, we all will walk chapters that we cant wait to walk away from, we will all have chapters that are painful very painful but your story doesn’t end there, you are not weak from crying or being angry you are not weak from taking time to make yourself better because your story doesn’t end there, it will continue for the future and you will make you mark, everyone can change lives, but most importantly everyone can save lives, by being kind we show the world that we support and empower everyone…

Being beautiful inside and out is more important than your shape or size your acne or your stretch marks, being kind is simply supporting one another empowering them not tearing them down.

#kindnessisbeauty #bekind #kindessisbeautiful

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