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In her backpack,

Welcome to In her backpack, I know that over the past couple of months I have a change in my blog and my youtube, The Body Confidence Issue will always be my baby but I feel The Body Confidence Issue deserves to be sent around the world on a journey of finding myself and learning to love myself. The Body Confidence Issue will always be up and running and I will always post on it and about it especially when I'm taking the world by storm. Running across the world with my backpack, experiencing new things, learning new things and making some of the most incredible memories one person can ever make!

In her backpack is going to be all about my travels, the adventures, the experiences and the memories whilst I find myself, become a more grounded human being and get ready for the rest of my life! Ever since I was little I have always wanted to explore the world, have a family, get married and have children, I wanted to do all of this in my 20s because I was unbelievably scared that my 30s would be the end of my life however, since I had sepsis and had a change of mindset I realised life will never end no matter what age you are and the memories you make!

Honestly I’m such an Aquarius I am so happy and comfortable with my own company but I also live for the thrill of adventure, the excitement, the unknown, the adrenaline rush, all of that excites me. I look forward to making the memories and going solo making new friends and meeting new people, I can’t wait for that, I have my small circle of friends who I adore immensely they keep me sane, they bring out the best in me, they encourage me and they love me when I don’t know how to love myself, they teach me more and more everyday they encourage me to live my life for me and stop living to please others, to stop living up to the previous expectations people have set for me, to start setting my own expectations and to find my love of life again. My mum says I need to get travelling out of my system then settle down and I try and try to explain that who knows where I’ll be in a years time or two years time, I could have met the love of my life and living my best life or I could come home and settle down in a full time job and live my best life that way. I always have to remember that I am only 20 and life may fly by but I’m only going to get better with age!

So I hope you’ll follow In Her Backpack as we travel the world, in search of new memories, great friends and opportunities and experiences we will never forget!! You can also subscribe to our youtube channel: Verity Pitts

Stay safe.

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