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How this Moroccan rose superfood oil saved my skin...

You skin, the one thing that does really define you, the only thing that will never change on your body, you can change your hair and change your weight however your skin will always be the number one thing that stays, I have never really taken much care of my skin and by god did I pay for it a couple of years ago, looking back at how awful my skin was I took the time and the effort to invest in my skin, it was the greatest thing I ever did.

I lacked so much confidence and self esteem because of my skin , it was lumpy and spotty, it had rashes and it was in general very gross, very dehydrated, now my skin is totally different, I exfoliate my skin 3 times a week, I wash my face everyday twice a day, I moisturise and I use the Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Oil which is just incredible.

This oil doesn't come cheap however it lasts forever, its so hydrating and it reduces the size of your pores... my advice invest in your skin, invest in it and it will do you well. Your skin is the only thing on your body that will never change so look after it.

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