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Goals for the last 4 months of the year!

Well its officially September and there is only 4 months left of the year! Honestly I’ve never been more excited than to cosy up by the fire, the crunch of the autumnal leaves, the hats and scarves, the boots and winter coats, I’m ready to switch on the fairy lights and watch my house become a home (well that’s a bit cringy but you know).

However my Autumn/winter update will have to wait as I need my summers clothes for another trip abroad! I’m heading to Turkey at the end of the month and I’m so excited for a little bit of winter sun! Anyway enough of me rambling about how excited I am for autumn and winter I thought I’d give you a little insight into my goals for the last months of 2019!

Lets talk about goals, goals are so important to have and yet sometimes we feel that we don’t have any goals and they aren’t big enough however sometimes even getting out of bed can be a goal for someone, never judge or compare your goals with anyone because everyone is individual and you never know what anyone is going through!

1. To love myself again, I recently said in my “it’s out with the old 2018” blog post about how I over the last 12 months had learnt to love myself and trust myself a lot more, however I know how hard this “goal” is, its going to take a lot longer than 4 months but it’s a start!

2. Make memories, cliché I know but I have made so many memories this year that I will say and ill shout it from the roof tops that 2019 has been a year I will remember, I’ve built so many bonds and made so many memories!

3. Save money, I say this every single time I write a goals post, I am crap and I mean crap at saving money, “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it” basically my motto! Who knew Verity grew up in a family of people who can save their money!

4. Take more pictures, taking pictures is a huge hobby of mine, myself and my friend Ryan from work always talk about taking pictures but pictures always help with a memory and well I plan to start scrapbooking in the new year, I want to be able to grow old and look back and see what a mess I am on a night out (insert cry laughing emoji here) jokes.

5. Go out for one drink and actually stick to one or a couple not a whole night out, my best friend Megan, we go out for drinks on the regular, we either end up wankered in a pub or we end up staying out until the very early hours of the morning! We are both as bad as each other as after a couple of cheeky sambucas we give each other that look “lickyy?” “lickyyyy yes” we both will say it and it will just be a tradition!

6. Create more content, I’m bringing back my YouTube channel honestly kinda bricking it however, I have decided that I have wanted to do it for so long so why not, I also want to create more content for my blog I took some time off for personal reasons and well you betcha I’m back better than ever!

7. Drive somewhere I have never driven before, I drive on the regular and I’ve driven to so many places, Worthing, Brighton, haywards heath, Burgess Hill, Guilford, Portsmouth, Southampton, Bournemouth, Kent, Gillingham, Nottingham. But I want to drive somewhere else, somewhere pretty and explore a new destination.

8. Get excited about turning 20! You can’t be a teenager forever and well I’m officially in my last 5 months of being a teenager! Officially hitting real adulthood in February 2020 and to kick start that I’m seeing the Jonas Brothers with my fave gang!

Anyway I think 8 goals for the end of the year is pretty impressive, its not like they are easy, well some are and some aren’t, some will take work and some wont, they will all take a bit of willpower!

Let me know what your goals are for the last four months of the year, I will update you all on what goals I have achieved! Anyway if you would be so kind to subscribe to my YouTube channel I would be greatly appreciated! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS-CaTMS25gr_CaG3k9_hpg?view_as=subscriber

All my love, enjoy the rest of 2019 and ensure that you make as many memories as possible!

Verity x

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