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A letter to my Future SELF!

Dear future Verity, Firstly, look where life has taken you, you have faced a bloody lot, you've grown into a young woman! You have hit your twenties and by god you should be so so so excited for them!

You are strong, independent, opinionated, determined appreciated, loved but most importantly you are growing into such a wonderful human being.

By god life has changed for the better my darling you are begining to smile more and more everyday, I cant remember the last time you really smiled, you really really smiled. It's beautiful to see. You are falling more and more in love with yourself, you have NO idea how proud we are of that, at 20 years old you have experienced so many things yet all these things seem to shape you into a kinder more gentle human being. Yes ok I know you want to go to uni, you want to graduate, you want to feel like you have achieved something, something real but in all honesty I'm not quite sure you are ready for that, I think what you are ready for is to travel the world, but I know that you want someone significant to travel the world with you.

But I want you to stop now... I want you to stop, think, look, listen to everything around you, you deserve to be treated with love an respect you deserve the kindness you give to be repaid so please STOP. STOP wanting to please everyone, stop wanting for someone who does not deserve your love, your smile, your strength. I want you to stop and remember who the hell you are. I want you to remember your strength, ambiguity, compassion and just who you are. Life should be lived so Verity I know you are scared of the future however you don't want to be tied down, you are not ready to settle, you are not ready to let your feet touch the ground and that my darling is ok.

That will happen, just keep smiling, the uk has been on lockdown for the last three weeks and it looks like it will continue into the next three weeks! You are really smashing life, workouts and eating better, looking after yourself, giving yourself the time off and self care you deserve, you look better and better everyday and this morning 17.04.2020 was the first time in forever you woke up and said to yourself in the mirror that you looked pretty!

Hun, you are smashing lockdown life, some days are super super good and you are achieving so much, other days are not so great but that's ok too! You are changing the world with The Body Confidence Issue and I am so so proud! You are being real, honest and open about social media and society, how it hurts you and how sometimes social media is not reality!! Darling please please please continue to love yourself because hun it looks amazing on you!! You make me proud each and every single day, remember these times when life becomes all too much, when you feel down or upset, when you feel like you have no idea where life is going to take you!

Please I beg you remember these times when you are married, look back at these on that wedding day you've always dreamed of, look back after the birth of your first born baby and all the way through to your fourth because I know deep down all you really want it to be a mum, raise children and live happily all together, you want that family life you have always craved and one day i promise someone will give you that! I know being a mum makes you feel like you can't use the word FEMINISIT, you bloody well can, you are strong independent, opinionated, determined and by god will all this show, being a feminist does not mean that you can't be a mum and have a princess wedding day and all that you have always dreamed off. It means YOU know your worth, you have strength, love and compassion It means that you will bring your children up with strength, determination, independence, opinions and everything else, you'll teach them that its ok to rely on yourself and its NOT ok to rely on men or anyone else bar family!

Being a feminist means that you believe that men and women are equal, that you deserve the same that each and every single person on this planet is valued, important and cared for. it means that you believe that men and women deserve the same equal rights and everything in between. You want the world to know that being kind will put you miles ahead than having the perfect social media feed ever will! You want each and every single person on this planet to know how important they are and you never want anyone to feel left out or undervalued. That's what I love about you! I'M SO PROUD AND EXCITED TO SEE WHERE AND WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS IN YOUR LIFE BECAUSE ITS GOING TO BE BIG, EXCITING AND BEFORE YOU WONDER IF YOU ARE READY FOR THE UNCERTANITY AND THE CHANGE YOU DAMN RIGHT I'M GOING TO MAKE SURE OF IT!! Remember to always remember those in your path who have helped shape and change who you are, remember to always thank those who have broken your heart and who have stood by you through everything and always remember that you are important and valued. All My Love Present Verity xxxx

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